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  • How can I book an event?
    To book an event with Senor Pepe's, You will need to contact our booking coordinator, Lidia, at 661-431-3131. The best option is to send a text message with your name, the date in which you are interested in booking, and an estimation of how many guests you will host. You can call Lidia, if she does not answer, leave a voicemail or preferabbly text message. The process goes as such: Contacting a booking coordinator (or manager) Finding your venue availability Filling out our Banquet Event contract & Signing it Paying the event deposit This completes the booking process. This must be complete by a booking coordinator (or manager).
  • How can I find date availability for the venues?
    You can call Senor Pepe's or our booking coordinator (661-431-3131) and ask for banquet room availibility. You can provide our staff with dates you would like us to check for you.
  • I have contacted the booking Coordinator and havent heard back yet.
    Our booking coordinator works in a first come, first serve basis. Lidia responds to inquiries in the order they are received. Please be patient as she will get back to you. Senor Pepe's receives hundreds of party inquiries every single month.
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